Hello, Barcelona

I’m so happy to be starting this new chapter. Thank you to all of you who kept up with my Moscow blog, and I hope this new website provides equal entertainment.

The first few weeks have had ups and downs, as comes with moving to any new city. It turns out you cannot even tie your shoe without a NIE, or your Foreigner Identity Card, but it takes weeks to obtain. Renting a flat, getting wifi, even borrowing a city bike is impossible without this card. Stories of these adventures in good time.

Also, it’s just been one holiday after another! Between banks and offices closing early and every other weekend since September 1st being a 3-day weekend, it’s really difficult to get stuff done. I miss workaholic Japan…

The people here in Barcelona have been amazing these first few weeks, though. Everyone has been wonderfully kind and friendly. Not all cities have the same reputation for cold city-folk, I guess.

This is going to be a magical year! I can feel it.


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