Secession Meeting on Monday- Banned

But the Referendum was deemed illegal and it went ahead anyway. What’s different?

This week the leader of Catalonia announced the intention to publicly secede from Spain either later this week or early next week. A parliamentary meeting was then scheduled for Monday.

If you were a kid who was about to stick your hand in the cookie jar and steal cookies you’re not supposed to have, would you yell out to your mom your intention to do so? Probably not, because you risk Mom answering “Son, if you take those cookies you’re getting sent straight to your room!”

Well, Madrid did indeed respond something to that effect. The meeting has been determined illegal. The referendum was deemed illegal as well, but plans for it went ahead.

The harshest punishment Mom could wield is article 155 of the constitution, which would allow the central government to completely take over control of an autonomous region like Catalonia.

Secondly, I don’t think that the Secession meeting will take place because, as the Catalan president has recognised, “My arrest is also possible, which would be a barbaric step.”

My question is- Puigdemont must have known that announcing the objective of the next meeting- declaring secession- would have provoked a response. If he really intended to do so- why did he make the news public? Was it all just a bluff?

Meanwhile, Madrid issued a decree allowing companies to move their headquarters out of Catalonia. For companies whose stocks have been dipping during the state of the unrest, this is good news. For Catalonia’s economy, not so good news.

Politicians in Madrid must be laughing their heads off today.

“The General of the State acquires new weapons to fight the Right to Decide”

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 17.08.26


Is Tommy Lee Jones Sabadell and Will Smith is Caixa Bank?

Or is Will Smith Caixa Bank and Tommy Lee Jones is Sabadell?


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