Companies Saying “Adios” to Catalonia

In the last week, the central government opened up regulations to make it easier for companies to move their headquarters out of Barcelona. Probably because of the effects of the political instability on investors and the stock market, several companies have already decided to make the switch.

Which companies have decided to move Headquarters out of Barcelona/Catalonia?

1)Gas Natural

2)Eurona Wireless Telecom

 3)Oryzon Genomics


4) Freixenet – Cava Sparkling Wine

So fancy

5) Banc Mediolanum

6) Sabadell

7) Caixa


My vision of the Catalan government to the rest of the companies thinking about moving their anchor:


There has been a lot of speculation about which companies have moved headquarters and how many more companies are likely to go. There aren’t that many immediate effects, however. “The impact will not be very high. It’s more of a legal change,” says Pablo Garrido to La Vanguardia. Tax revenue will be lost, but hopefully not jobs.


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